Inside of #MyWorld …. inside of the way I am trying to reach out to Equilibrium , to Balance through a greenwayofliving.

It’s  about my personal trip . I want  to be happy and content above all. To feel serene, peaceful deep inside of my soul.  To reach that goal, my personal experience has taught me that we have no choice but opening our eyes and our heart wide, rolling up our sleeves and work at being useful to others, giving them the happiness we ourselves seek.

My journey started when I felt the strong need to get involved in something bigger than me, that could make me oblivious to myself and create  enough impact to make me feel good.  I understood that this something could not be about me but had to be meaningful, purposeful to create that kind of result.

Why Alama’s Garden

 In my affluent neighborhood, just around the corner,  there are many children who cannot afford to go to school. They live in inhumane conditions among trash and oftentimes must go without food for days.  Taking care of them, feeding them one meal a day, teaching them to read, to garden and recycle, contributing to instill environment stewardship in their mind saved me from my own emptiness. It’s this hopeful quest for happiness that I share with you.  

What we share

 You face, as human beings, the same basic issues and questioning as I do.  I share my real life to demonstrate how I am becoming this person I am becoming.Through this sharing, perhaps some of you, my dears will pick up something useful that could help you?  

Growing green Together

I have learnt something through the years: our happiness has to be found collectively because all is one and we are linked. Each one of us could be that positive change maker we all are expecting, thereby improving his / her own life while serving and impacting the life of others and the environment.Welcome inside of my world

What People Say

How to do it? Just do it


Made of Love

i knew it, before I could understand it

Rockia Kebet

As long as we are alive, it time for the magic to operate.


Rockia Kebet

Let’s build something together.