By contributing a community is creating kids environmental training centers

Lot of people around the world like you are already impacting children lives.


By contributing and building RK4dev Family’s we are becoming voices that will impact our children lives in a sustainable way through Alama’s Garden program .
this year our community has grown with people who have contributed through donations, while buying our recycled plastic plants pots made in France from recycled water bottles or spreads the world or sharing our posts or sending us messages of support and offering to join us, it all brings us closer to accomplish our vision by the end of 2019

Alama’s Garden is a real children development center built around environmental activities .
After a pilot phases of 4 years’ We want to reach millions of children living inside the slums implementing little Alama’s Garden projects from start to finish, ensuring they realize their full environmental, social and economic goals

Our sustainable model includes anyone , anywhere to become an investor in Alamas Garden through our Sustainable and Nonprofit interface .

We want to train and empower Girls  and boys to get environmentally skilled  providing them with an age-appropriate green curriculum through a guided program tested since 4 years.

Alama’s Garden 2017-2018 classroom

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