Did I tell you? We are ready to generate sustainable revenues after 5 years of prototyping

Greenwayofliving as RK charity brand

As I kept telling you all these years , all that have been done was done by me , funded by me , supported by me . I shared the little I had with the project. I have been blocked in Paris searching way to make #alamasgarden free and sustainable depending on no one but itself

Few people helped : my family thanks to Alama’s spirit, Franck Dhersin the mayor of Téteghem Coudekerque-Village, Michèle NORMANT -Liehn, Anne-Kadia Daubrey, Kelly Masson, Katie Marie Hallam and Mimi Le Fever , the way they could .

We need funds for us to go ahead reaching more children

Our products

GWOLT or GreenWayOflivingTea in partnership with One of Paris eldest herbalist, around hibiscus flowers our organic flowers teas and drink

Greenwayofliving Tea GWOLT charity tea

Our teas are green natural organic and bought in France. Each penny will help the development of #alamasgarden program

GWOLF or GreenWayOfLivingFlowers

Made of almost faded flowers our potpourris are green and sustainable exclusively made by me for you . Above that fact we invite you to travel through your sens into an extraordinary view and olfactive discoveries


GWOLP or GreenWayOfLivingPlastic : our flowers power balls are made of recycled soda plastic bottles. They are sustainable , elegant and green . They are also sumptuous


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Green as way of living

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