Fyodor Dostoyevsky : what’s love got to do with happiness?

With love one can live even without happiness. 

Do you agree with that? From my part, yes I do ❣️

What’s love? What’s happiness?

Love is happiness in itself. Love should be happiness in itself because happiness is a state of mind full of love ❤️

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2 thoughts on “Fyodor Dostoyevsky : what’s love got to do with happiness?”

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    Since you ask, dear, i’ll write my opinion. We ‘ll never know what he had in mind, or what was the certain circumstance when he wrote this.

    To me, this one approaches the oxymoron and this is, also, a reference to Thyself, despite the fact it is written otherwise. There is no point for someone to agree or disagree. I find, though, beneficial for someone to read his biography and to pay some attention to the period of the time he lived, and the place where he lived, and to the social/political/etc. reality of his era. Probably, someone, will be able to find an answer and to explain this enigma of his which i call oxymoron.

    Ps : The absence of happiness will lead me to death. I don’t know what will happen to someone else. Have a wonderful day, Alama.



    1. Thank you for stopping by and for your message. My answer will be short and maybe surprising … happiness is a point of view. Sometimes we ignore that we are happy until something or someone is missing. But love… I couldn’t live without love . The absence of love will lead us to death . Have a great day @outsego

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