Keep smiling … and shine bright

We keep smiling as a gr en way to feel beautifully happy

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We smile to prevent our tears from falling … to hide the sadness and with courage supported by organizations like  google, google associations, google-nonprofit,  we serve

Sometimes words are not enough to describe the reality … this project is really really heavy ….

We have been recognized as a general interest charity, do you know why?

Because we worked hard investing all we have, all we were , doing almost everything by ourself … A charity needs at least two involved persons …

Today, we are at that particular place where only our private convictions , everything we believe in profoundly are the only thing that helps stand straight …

we saw people acting awfully… without kindness , selfishly…

We had to accept their contempt making us sometimes feel like we were just fool .

It was hell to share what we didn’t had with the project for it to keep existing … from the beginning Google stand on our sides making it easy for us to reach more people …

What we do is atypical because born from the soul from our knowledge of the fields . It’s a sound of protestation,  refusal … and a promise …

As individuals our message is simple … every child deserves holistic tools that will help him express all is abilities and potentialities… for tomorrow to have a chance to be sustainable .

we serve that purpose and anyone of you dear community could decide to join our family and invest in the future, invest in children 


With Google, we serve

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