Gandhi: peace to be found within

Each one has to find his peace from within.

And peace to be real must be unaffected by outside circumstances. – Mahatma Gandhi

Is your mind peaceful? You know the concept of mindfulness… staying here and now .I have realized something these past days : peace has to be conquered while facing storms.

Love actually

What makes you chose someone? That one , claiming that he /her is the one ?

What makes you decide to link your personal path, to someone else’s, melting your weaknesses and your strengths to face the reality, eyes wide opened?

Is it passion that must determine our choices? Is it reason or just the reality of our calculs?

Most of the time, our reason is most the voice of our experience warning us to be careful to avoid suffering .

The voice of passion is maybe the voice of our desire coming to reality and enjoying the present with intensity .

I want to love and be loved so which sound has to be followed? The heartbeats of the present time are my choices even if I consider all the whispers of passion and reason . Tell me , which one is yours ?

Everything gonna be alright if we put love …

Inside of everything … what means a little bit less anger, a little bit more tenderness a little bit more care , a little bit more of ourselves… I mean if we put a little bit more love inside of everything , things gonna be alright. Rockia KEBET

Why not help?

You know along my way I have met so many people always wondering why they should help someone else.

My answer to them is why not help someone we could help is the right way to wonder .

I have noticed something : each times I have helped without waiting for a reward , responding directly to the situation I was facing , I felt a kind of joy deep down inside of myself , a kind of unexpected gift making me feel a much better human than I really am

No need to claim that we are awakened

The path I started is personal. Everything in my life was a calling of my soul urging me to take measures to begin the journey .

I didn’t had any other choice than accepting to grow, to become responsible of myself, my thoughts my actions .

Life was hurting too much . That’s the reason why I had to accept to leave my shore .

Each of us has his own story , justifying why he is standing the way he stands .

Respecting each kind of path but refusing to et involved inside situation that will lead us far from our journey that is always lonely

RKBienfaisance : Then comes hope

Why oh why we could decide to get involved inside of such a program .

Paths we choose have always something to do with ourselves.

RKBienfaisance are actions I take for me to claim my humanity.

I refuse to be a spectator, just observing and commenting.

That’s not my approach of being alive.

Being alive means pursuing our journey with love , passion and reverence

What I have done: just expressing myself

We are supposed to fit inside of standards that are already settled.

When we are atypical, the system rejects us.

Each of us came on earth with his particular gift, talent , purpose and our whole lives should be dedicated to finding out about our particularity

We spend time wasting our whole lives fighting to look like others instead of bringing the richness of our particularity.

I am proudly not like no one else because I am really really busy, trying to become myself

if I were rich …

If you had lots of money, more money than you ever thought you could be that richer, what will you do with it?

I guess you will try to buy yourself more happiness , won’t you? I would have make the same kind of choice if only I was sure that it was possible .

The choices i made were selfish . I had to buy myself some inner peace and I had no other choices than involving myself inside of something that sounds good to my soul .

I am learning kindness while being kind. I am learning love while loving . I am learning compassion while opening widely my heart to welcome children that have decided to link their destinies to mines.

Their confidence in my abilities to lead them to something that can’t be worst than their actual conditions are my hopeful wings

Did I tell you? We are ready to generate sustainable revenues after 5 years of prototyping

Greenwayofliving as RK charity brand

As I kept telling you all these years , all that have been done was done by me , funded by me , supported by me . I shared the little I had with the project. I have been blocked in Paris searching way to make #alamasgarden free and sustainable depending on no one but itself

Few people helped : my family thanks to Alama’s spirit, Franck Dhersin the mayor of Téteghem Coudekerque-Village, Michèle NORMANT -Liehn, Anne-Kadia Daubrey, Kelly Masson, Katie Marie Hallam and Mimi Le Fever , the way they could .

We need funds for us to go ahead reaching more children

Our products

GWOLT or GreenWayOflivingTea in partnership with One of Paris eldest herbalist, around hibiscus flowers our organic flowers teas and drink

Greenwayofliving Tea GWOLT charity tea

Our teas are green natural organic and bought in France. Each penny will help the development of #alamasgarden program

GWOLF or GreenWayOfLivingFlowers

Made of almost faded flowers our potpourris are green and sustainable exclusively made by me for you . Above that fact we invite you to travel through your sens into an extraordinary view and olfactive discoveries


GWOLP or GreenWayOfLivingPlastic : our flowers power balls are made of recycled soda plastic bottles. They are sustainable , elegant and green . They are also sumptuous


Recycled? Obviously, yes!

From our Paris lab our concept : a flowerpowerball

Today we need to find out about green , sustainable ways of expression and creation .

Made of recycled soda plastic bottles our #flowerpowerball are really amazing potpourris pots or whatever sweets your taste , that will bring something special inside your home .

They are purposeful , sold to support Alama’s garden development

A big person makes you feel great

People aren’t tissues

People are not tissues we throw away
… I met some big persons … just some … It t’s a value that is disappearing because people are more and more full of themselves… They are so full of themselves that there is not much place for something else, others. When people want something from you … they will show a specific aspect , more caring …. When they have another interest center, it will be less magical … #bekind and welcome 🙏🏾 each person knocking at your smile 😃…

A sustainable model to help children thrive 21st challenges

Education to environment  to achieve sustainable development .

We provide children from the slums 21st quality educational tools for them to prepare themselves and thrive the major challenges they will have to face during their whole lives  inside of Alama’s Garden

We have hope in humanity in it’s future that won’t be build without all today children taken into account inclusively.

We are we, simple citizen, conscious about our responsibilities and united to change what needs to be changed.

we need funds to support our whole program build around our plastic recycling sustainable business model

join the family. Chose a reward and support Alma’s Garden ecology classrooms

2018-2019 from our #paris lab, recycling to generate revenues

With Alamasgarden what we have developed is a concept translated into a prototype, a sample ready to use and to be duplicated inside of the slums to instill environmental stewardship in Africa countries and cities, where people need to be properly connected to their environment. The prototype is replicable and fully scaleable.

Alama’s Garden wants to reach a large number of children, parents, community inside the slums or living at the seaside.

Alama’Garden duplication will be financed through the sell of recycled plastic bottles and almost dried flowers (our amazing potpourris)

let’s discover our 2018-2019 work around flowers . #GreenWayOflivingFlowers

GreenWayOfLiving Flowers : potpourri from almost dried flowers

Flowers, if you can’t reuse them, refuse them

These are our new collections of rewards for @rk4dev-Family’s members supporting #alamasgarden

It took us almost two years to come to that result from almost dried flowers

By chance …. we came to that result , these amazing scents that will charm your sens for real

Each cents will support in the future the development of #alamasgarden program

The sea, the Eternity and … Me and myself

Just like a solitary daydream … Can next generation have the opportunity to enjoy the simple act of bathing inside the sea if we keep polluting our oceans with our plastic bags, bottles and our chemical products?

We don’t need to put forward evidence that connecting oneself with nature makes us more balanced people

Becoming more conscious

While interacting with the Nature for us to become more sensitive and able to feel how incredibly possible it is to feel part of it;

#WithNature : Nice’s heights to breath differently

Why is it so important to stay connected with Nature?

For the fresh air that helps me think differently , to breath differently , to be differently .

You know, I have noticed something our environment determines who we become because we are made of it continuously

when I am facing the nature it’s just like being able to touch our creativity sources, or to be more precise it’s just like being aligned with ourselves through that channel and to be able to express the real who we are .


Amsterdam or a green way of living a city

City of Amsterdam… it was an amazing discovery, taking me out of time . It’s about the amenities to develop when opened to the water as a city.

It’s a spirit, a state of mind: people are allowed to grow plants everywhere in the city

The architecture has to be discovered and people deserves to be known because they are really friendly .

You want to make a move? Why not by riding? Over 600,000 bicycles in this green city

Or by boat ?

When dealing with the community makes you mindful

The path is very personal and lonely.

Even when we share our experience with others the journey is still lonely because their individual journey is different, personal too.

Sometimes, all we need , we want is getting some help , some understanding , some support not people judging us, giving us their point of view

Nobody is gonna save us because the trip is lonely. Nothing will avoid us from experiencing that fact. You know we have so many battles to lead .

We could run around ourselves, developing our particularity and refusing to deal with others whose misunderstanding leads us to face our loneliness feeling and the only way of being remains to refuse to be.

#greenwayofliving a path from the inside to the outside then to the inside

Received by Dunkirk tourists office

This summer trip began with the willingness to understand how things work from the inside . How local governments keep building and organizing their coastal cities in order to meet tomorrow challenges while facing the leveling up of the oceans and the seas.

It’s often around Education, because in reality we are really ignorant about simple actions able to mitigate our negative impacts on our environment, Communication around the attractiveness of the Region and Promotion of a conscious interaction with the environment .

It’s about encouraging a #greenway of travelling and living

Dunkirk : A dyke to face the leveling up of the sea

It’s about regulating the level of waters , that’s where decentralization could help African cities learn from others experience.

It’s an emergency we can’t ignore anymore and people lives are in danger everywhere all around the world because the effects of the climate heat has been roughly felt by them especially those living on the seas borders . Which future for tomorrow? A conscious one or?

@villearras Main Square Festival

Sometimes it’s good for the soul to celebrate all together, feeling part of a vibrant, human community sharing something positive that elevates the soul.

@VilleArras , thank you for receiving us ❤️

We all have our own burdens to wear, battles to lead in our everyday lives . So when time come to gather around music as community one mustn’t miss this kind of opportunity .

It was great, being at the Main Square Festival, discovering artist such as Agar Agar, enjoying Macklemore, a little bit disappointed to have missed Jaïn

Can’t wait for next year festival