Garden inside plastic : waiting for seeds to grow

Inside of these recycled plastic containers, children have planted seeds they’ve  brought from home.

We came to that masterclass when we realized that our students were starving from hunger waiting for anyone to feed them while we were able to teach them to feed themselves while recycling

Vegetable inside plastic masterclass, why?

Most households in Biétry Village slum limit their food intake to one meal a day. inside of Alama’s Garden, students are growing :
1- without being assured of getting at least one decent and balanced meal a day
2- Among trash

Sally planting lemons seeds inside of recycled plastic bottle

Under the control of our team students grow varieties of fruits and vegetables inside of recycled plastic containers. The mini garden’s bounty is featured on the menu of the children whom harvest is set as example for others because they often do not have enough to eat at home.

Session: learning to grow food inside of recycled plastic cups

Alama’s garden aims to increase our students  access to real food (good for the planet, for the gardeners and for the consumers) using the concept of recycled plastic materials as growing pots.

students will learn to fight their own hunger by that way

Garden inside plastic

Alama’s Garden in plastic is a transversal project working to fight hunger on the one hand while promoting plastic bags and bottles in particular, recycling .
Alama’s Garden in a plastic welcomes children from slums or difficult suburbs , providing them a secured space in which they take part to activities to play, socialize, learn, and express themselves, allowing them to be in “reliance”, in the sense defined by the French sociologist Marcel Bolle de Bal, learning to create or recreate links, to establish or re-establish a connection with their environment.
Alama’s Garden in a plastic offers students the tools to imagine and create ways to heal themselves out of hunger while recycling and become catalysts for change for the environment inside their society and above inside the world

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