Breathing Nature , Recycling plastic

From our Paris lab our prototypes of recycled plant pot or oddsbox or flower power box.
inspiration came really easily for the flower power mood boxes . It began with the little garden we experimented  on our little lab’s balcony.
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Surrounding oneself with plants

adopting a green way of living meant for me surrounding myself with flowers, plants, for me to stayed tunned to the Nature even when I am inside of a polluted and crowded city like Paris .

have you noticed? We need to breath , all of us. We are like inside of prisons enclosed in our home unable to connect ourselves with the beauty around us .

We are on demand of something else … we need to Greenit! A little bit more for people to stop feeling depressed and lost inside of this wonderful world



Testing ways to grow green

From our Paris lab experiencing ways to grow plants inside of recycled plastic bottles while preparing our next sessions .

it’s about the measure of water needed taking into account that plastic is hotter than any other kind of containers.

the goal is to help children build a vegetable garden for 2019 inside of their slum from recycled plastic bottles what they have been trained for until 2014