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My travel to a green way of living lifestyle to find balance between me, myself and the world

From our Paris lab , we recycle plastic bottles

Sometimes the smallest things can be pushed to reach their substantive essence, expression … We call that Art . Let’s be green  recycling plastic bottles to clean the seas. plastic, use it if you can’t  reuse it refuse it .

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Do you know that kindness makes you more beautiful? I’m so in  love, and I just can’t hide it…

In love with what I do , in love with my world, with my life, with that greenwayofliving we have been  working hard to reach for harmony and balance .

I am discovering the meaning of inner peace through , garden,gardening, gardentherapy , my involvement inside of @rk4dev_familys charity

Be kind and become beautifully happy


Green way of living

Be kind and become beautifully happy

adopting a green way of living meant for me surrounding myself with flowers, plants, for me to stayed tunned to the Nature even when I am inside of a polluted and crowded city like Paris .

have you noticed? We need to breath , all of us. We are like inside of prisons enclosed in our home unable to connect ourselves with the beauty around us .

We are on demand of something else … we need to Greenit! A little bit more for people to stop feeling depressed and lost inside of this wonderful world



Green way of living

Surrounding oneself with plants

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