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My travel to a green way of living lifestyle to find balance between me, myself and the world

Greenwayofliving’s vibes

Come please set my heart on love… a greenwayofliving means vibrating , feeling alive … complete …. loosing control to find balance in love …

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We needed money to fund Alama’s Garden … few people were touched by our project. Few people were willing to support .

We had two possibilities: giving up or finding out ways with or without  people helping

We weren’t good at begging  … that’s how we began recycling plastic bottles as ornamental pots .

We are proud contributing to show that solutions that calls out to our creativity exist : it’s up to each one of us :

Plastic use it . if you can’t #reuse it refuse it

We recycle

We were not good at begging : we learnt to design, recycled plastic bottles

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