When Google serves Sustainable  organizations  . Brands, sponsors, partners… through their support to Alama’s Garden we will reach our goal . We aim for implementing  little Alama’s Gardens and  environmental trainings inside of lots difficult areas for children in need of green activities 

Google for non profit was among the firsts; RKbienfaisance our charity supporting Alamasgarden is part of the program.

With Google, we serve

We smile to prevent our tears from falling … to hide the sadness and with courage supported by organizations like  google, google associations, google-nonprofit,  we serve

Sometimes words are not enough to describe the reality … this project is really really heavy ….

We have been recognized as a general interest charity, do you know why?

Because we worked hard investing all we have, all we were , doing almost everything by ourself … A charity needs at least two involved persons …

Today, we are at that particular place where only our private convictions , everything we believe in profoundly are the only thing that helps stand straight …

we saw people acting awfully… without kindness , selfishly…

We had to accept their contempt making us sometimes feel like we were just fool .

It was hell to share what we didn’t had with the project for it to keep existing … from the beginning Google stand on our sides making it easy for us to reach more people …

What we do is atypical because born from the soul from our knowledge of the fields . It’s a sound of protestation,  refusal … and a promise …

As individuals our message is simple … every child deserves holistic tools that will help him express all is abilities and potentialities… for tomorrow to have a chance to be sustainable .

we serve that purpose and anyone of you dear community could decide to join our family and invest in the future, invest in children 

Meeting sustainable organizations …

  i had  been invited by advantage Austria Fr,  Global Peter Drucker Forum at steelcase  Paris for discussion with expert panel about artificial intelligence.

These kind of debates helps us understand the impact of AI  on our lives , our values, our ethic, our criterias as individual, firm or government .

Instead of  wondering, we ask questions for us to be able to formulate our own opinions, point of view


Advantage Austria 🇫🇷 🇲🇨 Peter Drucker Forum : about Artificial intelligence

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