When Google serves Sustainable  organizations  . Brands, sponsors, partners… through their support to Alama’s Garden we will reach our goal . We aim for implementing  little Alama’s Gardens and  environmental trainings inside of lots difficult areas for children in need of green activities 

Google for non profit was among the firsts; RKbienfaisance our charity supporting Alamasgarden is part of the program.

Invited by YouTube lab

Through these sessions, YouTube offers nonprofits tools to reach more people understanding how all these stuffs work

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Meeting sustainable organizations …

  i had  been invited by advantage Austria Fr,  Global Peter Drucker Forum at steelcase  Paris for discussion with expert panel about artificial intelligence.

These kind of debates helps us understand the impact of AI  on our lives , our values, our ethic, our criterias as individual, firm or government .

Instead of  wondering, we ask questions for us to be able to formulate our own opinions, point of view


Advantage Austria 🇫🇷 🇲🇨 Peter Drucker Forum : about Artificial intelligence

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