What is style? A recycled plastic bottle as plant pots ?

Preparing our global program , testing the growth of plants inside of recycled plastic contents .

Our prototypes are not ready to be sold because we have to deal with the sending process, finding ways for our donors to receive their pots without giving back all the funds for transportation : that’s our new challenge.

Our product are environmental friendly, glamorous and trendy.
We are testing their limits while using them for us to understand him to combiné design and healthy plants growing inside of recycled plastic containers.

The adventure is interesting asking for creativity for us to consistently contribute to the cleaning of seas by diminishing the amount of plastic bottles thrown away each year

Testing ways to grow green

From our Paris lab experiencing ways to grow plants inside of recycled plastic bottles while preparing our next sessions .

it’s about the measure of water needed taking into account that plastic is hotter than any other kind of containers.

the goal is to help children build a vegetable garden for 2019 inside of their slum from recycled plastic bottles what they have been trained for until 2014 

Sexy recycled plastic bottle as ornamental pot

from our Paris lab, our product from recycled soda bottles

We worked here on Fanta, from the Coca-Cola company.

These bottles results are really cute and lovely 😊. They will be rewards for our sponsors and donors

Orange juice recycled plastic bottle as plant pot

We wanted final products, we will be proud of enough to put them inside of our own home .

Everything is at that level a question of taste: plastic when recycled is glamour, elegant, sustainable and help #cleanseas

Our technology : Two plastic recycled growing and ornamental pots

From our Paris Lab our work around recycling plastic bottle as elegant and design plants pots .



Let’s recycle plastic bottles

Recycled water bottle as plant pot as rewards for our sponsors .

Just because it is our concern RK4dev plants pots are design, fashion and sustainable


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