RKbienfaisance is a charity we have created for us to be able to reach our educational goals RK4Dev Family’s is a concept we have tested in the form of a prototype, to contribute to the creation of a sustainable and clean environment, able to accommodate future generations prepared to face these challenges.
Learning alphabet, to read and to write correctly, to grow one’s own green natural food, to recycle are a non-negotiable conditions for sustainable development.
Children come inside of Alama’s Garden for environmental session and also for  Case à Livres, for thé pleasure around books

Case à Livres inside of Alama’s Garden : around alphabet

students reach the end of their primary school without knowing to read correctly .

Classrooms are full and teachers don’t have the time to bring each children the specific tools he needs for his balanced growth


We wanted to bring books to children who never have access to books…. that was our first idea,  from our Parisian point of view  … such a project will easily bring together people and save children …. Four years later, we think that learning to read sounds good but is really far from being enough.

People don’t come along so easily …

Africa’s future sets abandoned inside the slum with no access to their basic needs, uneducated while African keep thinking that what matters is the number not the quality .

children need to get a kit of tools- learning to read, to write, gardening, recycling … etc for those who won’t succeed at school, the majority to get tooled enough to be able to be resilient : that’s Alama’s Garden purpose



Two projects in one: Case à Livres inside Alama’s Garden

We came for gardening and recycling but none of them were able to read correctly… so if they wanted to have the right to get involved inside outside activities we had to learn to read quickly
And it worked.

It was amazing their willingness to learn to reach theirgoal. Our secret… no secret… each time we interact with these child we act just like they were our kids.

Education don’t need violence to be is the only thing required


Since 2014: our work -EPP Ancien Koumassi

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