Inside of RK4dev_Family’s,  a  family to bring children living in particularly inside the economically-challenged settings, green tools and skills  needed for them to connect properly with their environment and transform it for the best, instead of being it’s victims .

The more we practice, the more this habit becomes part of our routine”

Rockia Kebet

Alama’s Garden  provides a high-quality, environment-based unit of study for preschools.

Through the development of their basic awareness, Alama’s Garden prepares tomorrow recycling advocates and ecological leaders, to understand how to solve socio-economic problems as a driving force for future environmental management from their early

Children are more likely to bring these reinforced teachings home and encourage their family to adopt good reflexes for the environment (to recycle as well for example). Alama’s garden brings to the next generations skills they will need facing the 21 century’s environment challenges