Plastic recycling gardeners

All around the world, capital cities have to face trash problems, particularly in African countries, where plastic bottles lie everywhere on the streets.

RKbienfaisance and RK4DEV cooperation initiative, is about to develop a recycling business providing cash for work as an additional means of revenues, collecting plastic bottles to Recycle and sell.

The initiative is exploring innovative ways around plastics and urban gardening, because gardening strengthens our abilities to work together, providing wealthy and natural food, calling up to our persistence and personal involvement in taking care of our environment.

Our project will allow Rkbienfaisance to generate a modest profit that willl then be re-invested to expand its reach, improving its services to its students, its social mission.

Gardening in particular, inside of recycled plastic bottles or cups or anything else, is a citizen engagement

We promote participation in urban gardening for everybody, everywhere, in Africa’s slums, in Paris , Rome, New-York … or inside of their abandoned suburbs, especially for children, prisoners of concrete.

We encourage the development of gardens programs that connect to the environment, instilling a sense of environmental stewardship that will extend all life long.

It’s so easy to grow natural food everywhere and anywhere inside of recycled plastic bottles and so good for the environment!!!