What We Do

Alama’s Garden is an environmental and children Friendly Space. We welcome children from slums or difficult suburbs , providing them a secured space in which they take part to activities ( playing, socializing, learning, debating and expressing themselves). Alama’s Garden enables children to be in "reliance", in the sense defined by the French sociologist Marcel Bolle de Bal, learning to create or recreate links, to establish or re-establish a connection with their environment.
So across the board, digging in a square , building a compost bin, sowing seeds or watering in the Alama’s Garden helps children rebuild themselves, on healthy foundations
Alama’s offers students the tools to imagine and create ways to heal themselves out of poverty and become catalysts for change in their society.

Donate to impact children destinies

Our work is important. Children we work with are in need of spaces like Alama’s Garden , a place to get useful skills.
If we don’t do something, they will figure among these people dying to reach Europe or America for a better life. Together, we can do things, to keep them at home on a sustainable way

See Our Causes
Garden Therapy for children

Garden Therapy for children

Through the use of recycled plastic bottles to water our plants, we raise children awareness bout wasting less water

Growing Green Minds

Growing Green Minds

Instead of hanging around the city all day long, children come inside of a safe place designed for them

Vegetables inside plastic

Vegetables inside plastic

We recycle plastic bottles as plants growing pots

Our Donor

Individuals or companies they are the member of our Community dedicated to Support our students access to human basic amenities and knowledges

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