2018-2019 from our #paris lab, recycling to generate revenues

With Alamasgarden what we have developed is a concept translated into a prototype, a sample ready to use and to be duplicated inside of the slums to instill environmental stewardship in Africa countries and cities, where people need to be properly connected to their environment. The prototype is replicable and fully scaleable.

Alama’s Garden wants to reach a large number of children, parents, community inside the slums or living at the seaside.

Alama’Garden duplication will be financed through the sell of recycled plastic bottles and almost dried flowers (our amazing potpourris)

let’s discover our 2018-2019 work around flowers . #GreenWayOflivingFlowers

One child after another , Earth ambassadors are born

The first step of our intervention was about connecting our students with Nature .

It is difficult to be grounded while living inside of a slum so values we learn around gardening help hold on to something strong : learning to get involved inside of a community project, developing patience, courage and the ability to invest one self totally inside of a worthy harvest . It’s a new paradigm , I have asked children to adopt : my vision of love

Alama’s Garden , above environmental awareness raising

it’s about acquiring green values built around gardening.

We learn to live together, to be together, to work together, to deal with moments when we are not able to understand each other’s peacefully, with one another’s even when we don’t want to . Continue reading Alama’s Garden , above environmental awareness raising

Our overall motivation

We focus on children because we believe that children are the catalyst for development inside their communities if the barriers that block them are removed.
We work with children from their early childhood period because our method should be transmitted very early in their development.
The early stages of development are the ones where most children develop their basic values, attitudes, skills, behaviours and habits.

Even though, of course, more positive values can always be instilled into children later on or even into adults. We work with children, in order for them to bring back home, reinforced knowledges gotten inside our training classes.
Children coming inside alama’s Garden are always starving. We needed to find out ways to assure one balanced meal a day. At the same time our intervention needs to be structured so as to fit inside a scheme of environmental awareness.

Our students intake one meal a day

Initial Situation
The constantly increasing prices of food commodities makes it harder for the families in the economically-challenged neighborhoods to feed themselves correctly.

Most households in the Biétry Village slum limit their food intake to one meal a day.
Outside Alama’s Garden, students are growing :
1- without being assured of getting at least one decent and balanced meal a day
2- Among trashes and plastic bottles thrown away everywhere around themonstantly increasing prices of food commodities makes it harder for the families in the economically-challenged neighborhoods to feed themselves correctly.