When dealing with the community makes you mindful

The path is very personal and lonely.

Even when we share our experience with others the journey is still lonely because their individual journey is different, personal too.

Sometimes, all we need , we want is getting some help , some understanding , some support not people judging us, giving us their point of view

Nobody is gonna save us because the trip is lonely. Nothing will avoid us from experiencing that fact. You know we have so many battles to lead .

We could run around ourselves, developing our particularity and refusing to deal with others whose misunderstanding leads us to face our loneliness feeling and the only way of being remains to refuse to be.

#greenwayofliving a path from the inside to the outside then to the inside

Because others are more important than me

It’s about a feeling of poverty : being so poor of oneself that to survive we have no others path than walking over the heads of others for us to be happy inside of our castle .

Lots of the times we use people to reach our goals forgetting that our happiness is linked to people we interact with, and to the way we treat them to reach our own happiness.

It took me times to understand that the one who sleeps well is the one who acts well.

Each one of our actions draws the kind of person we choose to become .

The path that means working on our weaknesses , our sufferings and facing our vanity is about becoming friend with ourself for us to be able to become friend with our world

In connexion with nature we become poet

Our environment determines the kind of thoughts that takes place inside of our brains.

People are getting more and more alienated by the world they are living inside of because it’s difficult to find balance inside of their everyday life from which the relationship with nature is not taken into account .

We need to create free spaces at the touch of what the best of ourself is allowed to express itself

Everything gonna be alright if we put love …

Inside of everything … what means a little bit less anger, a little bit more tenderness a little bit more care , a little bit more of ourselves… I mean if we put a little bit more love inside of everything , things gonna be alright. Rockia KEBET

We tell it with recycled tulips and soda plastic bottles

Green revolution means that our economy must go circular by embracing the need to:
♻ REcover, ♻ REcycle, ♻ REpurpose, ♻ REfurbish , ♻ REpair, ♻ REfuse, ♻ REthink, ♻ REduce, ♻ REuse and ♻ REmanufacture
Things dont need to be brand new for them to have style.

It is a question of style, personal touch, taste.

this is our classic flowerpowerball, reward for our sponsors and donators.

how do you like it? The tulips were about to fade away and the vase 🏺 was a soda plastic bottle.

it might be anything. If you can’t reuse it refuse it.


Tell me will you still love me in December? Kerouac

The language of flowers is about human language. How to tell what can’t be told, how to let sentiments talk, express themselves.

it’s also about issues we had to go through , .

With time, love declines they say.

Tell  me, will you love me for ever ? Even when I am wrinkled and my beauty fades.