Greenwayofliving : a new deal

It’s about reversing the paradigm leading our way of living : from inflicting pain and suffering to others and running around pleasure for ourselves, we adopt an ecological and environmental paradigm .

Becoming adult is about being able to exchange ourself for the happiness of others, to put what is not us first as a way of improving our world sharing something else than our sufferings, our pains and our tourments.

We have so much goodness to bring to the world , to ourself, to others , to the word what most humans don’t do anymore, keeping bringing their bad to the world

How to do that bringing just our goodness to the world? We need to relax with ourself , treating ourself better, because it’s not outside that we will get that something, and then we will be able to relax with the world ❤️🙏🏾 Conscious and eyes wide opened

A lonely trip : obstacles are paving the way

to reach the next step, no other choice: we have to walk each millimeters of the path. Our involvement is required.

We can’t pay someone to do the job for us .

A pause is possible but … Each effort that has not been offered to the journey will be missing

My environment includes myself

It was a question asked by one of the kids inside of our eco-classes . What is my environment?

Trying to explain to him while searching for words to help him better understand I summed it up by answering that your environment , it is the sky, the lagune, the stars, the moon, the sun, the air we are breathing , the oceans, the fishes , the earth, the world , his country, his city, his town, his slum, his neighborhood, his friends, his family, himself … anything he might think about is it’s envieonment

Yes, we are all that and much more than that.

We are free to be at peace with our environment , taking care of it warm fully with love because our environment is ourselves

Together, at home : with Nourou

I met Nourou in 2014. He was 4 years old . I was feeling lonely. Children were coming and disappearing while he kept coming each mornings.

We had lots of moments together and since I met him he never left my heart .

He helped me recover from my life that was hurting badly . Through his eyes I have understood faith.

I would have gave up if Nourou was not there. I would never have gone that far if Nourou wasn’t somewhere expecting me .. .Nourou Has shown me what love was

What’s love? It’s when I heal your wounds up -RK

I don’t know how to define love. I don’t know how to talk about it .

I can show you. Unconditionally. I can look at you. I can see you . .

I can notice that you are suffering . So because I love you I will help you with my heart to help you wear your burden.

I will heal your wounds . I will take care of every part that hurts . I won’t let you down . Just hold my hands

Love actually

What makes you chose someone? That one , claiming that he /her is the one ?

What makes you decide to link your personal path, to someone else’s, melting your weaknesses and your strengths to face the reality, eyes wide opened?

Is it passion that must determine our choices? Is it reason or just the reality of our calculs?

Most of the time, our reason is most the voice of our experience warning us to be careful to avoid suffering .

The voice of passion is maybe the voice of our desire coming to reality and enjoying the present with intensity .

I want to love and be loved so which sound has to be followed? The heartbeats of the present time are my choices even if I consider all the whispers of passion and reason . Tell me , which one is yours ?

Everything gonna be alright if we put love …

Inside of everything … what means a little bit less anger, a little bit more tenderness a little bit more care , a little bit more of ourselves… I mean if we put a little bit more love inside of everything , things gonna be alright. Rockia KEBET

About talent : RK

… Being able to do what seems impossible to others 

There were always good reasons for things not to be done. .. The gardener wasn’t there, the educator was sick…

Guys Around were too busy…

The think is that things needed to be done by someone.

So I did everything that needed to be done .

For them it was impossible. For me , I asked very much works . Someone had to do it