Greenwayofliving : a new deal

It’s about reversing the paradigm leading our way of living : from inflicting pain and suffering to others and running around pleasure for ourselves, we adopt an ecological and environmental paradigm .

Becoming adult is about being able to exchange ourself for the happiness of others, to put what is not us first as a way of improving our world sharing something else than our sufferings, our pains and our tourments.

We have so much goodness to bring to the world , to ourself, to others , to the word what most humans don’t do anymore, keeping bringing their bad to the world

How to do that bringing just our goodness to the world? We need to relax with ourself , treating ourself better, because it’s not outside that we will get that something, and then we will be able to relax with the world ❤️🙏🏾 Conscious and eyes wide opened

Home? Where your heart belongs to ?

Most of the time it’s about creating a space that belongs to us that we will decorate with taste inside of which , we will suffocate
Did I told you? I grew up inside of a mansion and to tell you the truth It took me lots of times to feel free from material desires, willingness, possessions that were driving me slave .

I had through a hard work to learn to discipline myself for me to go back to basis , getting to know myself better for us to try to become friends or something like that , accepting to live together peacefully, without me running around the world and around myself again and again to avoid facing me again and again .

For home is always where we are

No need to claim that we are awakened

The path I started is personal. Everything in my life was a calling of my soul urging me to take measures to begin the journey .

I didn’t had any other choice than accepting to grow, to become responsible of myself, my thoughts my actions .

Life was hurting too much . That’s the reason why I had to accept to leave my shore .

Each of us has his own story , justifying why he is standing the way he stands .

Respecting each kind of path but refusing to et involved inside situation that will lead us far from our journey that is always lonely

Birth, sickness and death

All around me I se people suffering from all kinds of issues and really really lost because something is missing to help overcome difficulties .

Before being able to overcome, we must go through , travel inside of what affects us

I have discovered that what was missing was spirituality you know confidence in the fact that there is something .

We haven’t came yet to name that something and from that … intuition, we develop the certitude that we have a quest to pursue, questions to find answers out .

From where to begin? How to do things for us to be able to work things out?

Nothing can transform us by a magical effect. Efforts are necessary . We won’t reach change if we don’t discipline ourselves in everyday life.

The creative side of revolution

It’s a Buddhist concept . It’s about not waiting for help to come but finding out about helping oneself to do by itself . The revolution has to do with first end experimentation .

We could find something inside books, internet, from someone else’s life .

The think is that our part had to be done with patience , giving time, time .

People come, taste , have quick pleasures, and leave. We need to go deeper touch, feel before swallowing .

We need to accept to dirt our hands for us to make great progress on our journey through direct confrontation to reality

Montaigne: confidence in the goodness of another

Confidence in the goodness of another is a good proof of one’s own goodness

We bring to others what we are made of. I am able to love unconditionally because I have been unconditionally love.

I believe in each one of the children coming to me because I believe in myself as a powerful power able to become whatever I decide .

Love : the only rational act

What do you think … does love call to our reason or is it irrational?

How to say it … you know when I was young what used to matter was the apparences .

I needed to show off and people I was choosing were just a projection of my fears and my hopes .

Today I am running around what is profound. I fall in love with that one I could admire , able to inspire me doing better, pushing me to becoming a better expression of myself just because it’s needed for us to embrace each other’s light