Just for food most of the time

Most of the children follow our sessions just because the food is better inside of Alama’s Garden.

We had the idea to make children contribute to each other’s for us to negotiate more quantities and qualities.

Children contribute to each other’s and they buy food

Children come inside of Alama’s Garden starving from hunger. We couldn’t go ahead without taking that fact into account . That the reason why we had to be creative and imaginative.

We have noticed something : each mornings each parents give his children 0,15€ for the kid to live his life all day long without coming to ask for money . It not enough for a balance meal .

so putting these 0,15 €together help level up our buying power and let us fairly negotiate the price of our food that is well served and alway more than what kids are used to


providing one meal a day

A hungry man is not a free man

Félix Houphouet Boigny

Our students sometimes are dying from hunger when they come inside our program.
It’s important for us to find support an raise a cmmunity and together make the effort to fight malnutrition they are suffering from.

the prices of food stuffs are rising whithout no one  to tackle the problem (United Nations…)
Parents are unable to provide their children with  nutritious foods like.

Each morning in Biétry village slums where our students live, they are given 0,15€ for them to not come back home sometimes for the whole day, letting children going out without meals, . It’s not enough to eat vegetables, milk , essantials for their growth, body and brain are developing  at that age . children often sleep without eating  Our student undre 4 are most in need of our support are most in need of help because the body and brain are developing fast at that age.

Eating once a day is a vital necessity