Received by Dunkirk tourists office

This summer trip began with the willingness to understand how things work from the inside . How local governments keep building and organizing their coastal cities in order to meet tomorrow challenges while facing the leveling up of the oceans and the seas.

It’s often around Education, because in reality we are really ignorant about simple actions able to mitigate our negative impacts on our environment, Communication around the attractiveness of the Region and Promotion of a conscious interaction with the environment .

It’s about encouraging a #greenway of travelling and living

@villearras Main Square Festival

Sometimes it’s good for the soul to celebrate all together, feeling part of a vibrant, human community sharing something positive that elevates the soul.

@VilleArras , thank you for receiving us ❤️

We all have our own burdens to wear, battles to lead in our everyday lives . So when time come to gather around music as community one mustn’t miss this kind of opportunity .

It was great, being at the Main Square Festival, discovering artist such as Agar Agar, enjoying Macklemore, a little bit disappointed to have missed Jaïn

Can’t wait for next year festival

Morning with ATMOS at Advantage Austria Paris

On February 14, 2017, Chris Müller and Wolf D. Prix presented the ATMOs project . It’s designed as a source of energy and creativity as well as a place for mucoviscidosis patients and their relatives to relax and recuperate.

The ATMOS project moves mucoviscidosis into the public spotlight and collects funds to help affected families directly and immediately while supporting the research on a long-term basis. Equal parts of each donated Euro are forwarded without deductions to the two partner organizations, Cystische Fibrose Hilfe OÖ (as immediate assistance) and the CF Center at the Children’s Hospital in Vienna (for research).ATMOS Aerosol Research was created during the search for the right location and the fitting professions

From the vision of a father who wants to save his daughter’s life, ATMOS has developed into a global and worldwide topic: Among the five most frequent causes of death, three are related to the lungs (COPD, lung cancer, pneumonia).

Advantage Austria 🇫🇷 🇲🇨 Peter Drucker Forum : about Artificial intelligence

Meeting sustainable organizations …

  i had  been invited by advantage Austria Fr,  Global Peter Drucker Forum at steelcase  Paris for discussion with expert panel about artificial intelligence.

These kind of debates helps us understand the impact of AI  on our lives , our values, our ethic, our criterias as individual, firm or government .

Instead of  wondering, we ask questions for us to be able to formulate our own opinions, point of view