Inside of Alama’s Garden a natural gardening classroom

children come from their slums and together we get involved inside of different activities

the fact is that they are always hungry.

So it was an evidence for us to begin by teaching how to grow natural food to fight hunger


Understanding the world

FE89FD7C-2D77-408F-89FE-B5A4C54AAEF8.jpegOur environmental sessions are about understanding our world, our environment, and sometimes, for the most luckiest, ourselves.

we welcome children from 2-3 years old inside of Alama’s Garden around environmental activities.

How does it work? Where does life comes from?

we try to understand our environment for us to be able to take care of it correctly

fighting plastics reaching Africa ‘s seas

Alama’s Garden was launched to raise children awareness  about plastics that leaks into the ocean each years.

We’ve stood by too long as plastics increase inside the oceans. Things has gotten worse. industries must stop producing  plastic packaging.

Inside the slums, we need to reach people calling on them to change their throwaway habit,  before irreversible damage is done to our oceans. we work with children for our reinforced teachings back home and encourage their family to adopt good reflexes for the environment

Teaching Young Children

Africa biggest problem : teachers are completely abandoned to themselves unable to positively enlighten young minds who were entrusted to them.

 What I saw inside of Côte d’Ivoire schools was revolting

A teacher’s role is to provide positive example to his students while bringing  them basic knowledges in literacy and mathematics, culture, the arts, religion, civics.

I saw teachers who lost the faith , acting just to save their heads unable to understand that the future was lying inside their hands

“Education means hope in the futur”
― Rockia Kebet

Educating girls from the slums

Inside the slums, no possibility for girls to escape their mother’s destiny.
Alama’s Garden is a prototype of a safe and children friendly space in Abidjan Côte d’Ivoire .

Girls  and young children have the possibility to get tools to be able to envision and pursue the future they want for themselves and their communities through school – life-skills and environmental  focus  training and awareness raising, theater and dance.